1802 the 3:rd French exhibition in Louvre

Louvre in Fructidor in 1802 (republic year X): The directory consisted of 48 small pages termed the Exposition Publique des Productions de l’Índstrie Francaise and the number of exhibitors had rose to 540.

Among them include Montlfier, balloonist Vaucanson, an inventor of the mechanical duck and a flute player. These two were wandering Jews that took part in all markets on the continent.

Joseph Marie Jacquard

Joseph Marie Jacquard

The famous machine inventor Jaquard first got his idea for the famous loom. He played an important role in the development of the earliest programmable loom, which in turn played an important role in the development of other programmable machines, such as computers.

More French Expos

The French cities and towns had not less than 52 provincial exhibitions and special exhibitions between 1803 and 1866.

Illustrerad tidning 1889
Translated from Swedish

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