1888 Barcelona International Exhibition

Barcelona International Exhibition
Exposicio universal de Barcelona

1888 Barcelona, Spain
Exposicio Universal De Barcelona was Spain´s first international exposition and the fair changed Catalonia´s commercial and industrial center.
The exhibition, which was Spain’s first World’s Fair, was held between April 8 and 9 december. The expo celebrated regional power and the fair was featuring the Ciadadela park
The expo was attended by more than 400 000 people in comparison the population in Barcelona was 273 000 in 1887.
The inauguration was attended by Spain’s Queen Maria Christina with her son Alfonso XIII.

In the 1800s Barcelona established as Spain’s industrial center since a large part of the domestic industrial production took place in the city. Spain was in a European perspective far behind other Western European nations in terms of technology. It was a small expo compared with the Paris Expo one year later. It took over 10 years before Barcelona recovered economically.
The main entrance to the World Expo in 1888, Arc de Triomf, was constructed as a triumphal arch by architect Josep Vilaseca in Casanova.

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