1867 Paris Exposition Universelle

1867 Paris Exhibition
World Expo Paris International (Exposition Universelle)

Visitors: 7 million people
A total area of 165 acres, plus 50 acres in agricultural and 35 acres under cover.

On April 1, 1867 opened the World Expo in Paris. It was a triumph of Napoleon III wanted to show Paris to all foreign guests and it was a challenge of the 1862 London International Exhibition. Later they wrote – only the Pope was missing.

The French organizer wanted to show what France could do in industry and agriculture, handicrafts and art. The grand opening ceremony, followed by theatrical performances and parties, all framed by the impressive industrial hall in cast iron and glass could, at least for a little while, sweeping away the political troubles.

The expo symbolized the encyclopedic ambitions of the French empire – They wanted to classify and organize every branch of human activity and to invest that activity with moral purpose.

Another aim of the World’s Fair was to showcase the new Paris, with its wide boulevards and star sites, parks and large buildings. One of the sources of such changes was Baron Georges-Eugene Haussmann, prefect of the Seine region. For almost two decades, he would transform Paris from one of Europe’s dirtiest cities to the metropolis we know today.

This color lithographed map of Paris was printed in 1886,
sixteen years after the transformation of Paris was completed.
Download PDF from Riksarkivet (Swedish war archive)


World Fair in Paris 1867, is described by Uppsala PhD student Anders Ekström’s book “The exhibited the world” (Swedish: “Den utställda världen”). The book describes the Paris Exhibition in 1867 with the following words:

The main building was surrounded by a vast park area with a large number of small pavilions and kiosks. …
In the Marchfield was national restaurants and entertainment attractions, and artful gardens and flower arrangements. In the main hall, the emphasis of practice in the technology and industrial …Paris Exposition in 1867 was surrounded by a festive frenzy, and “a victory of glory beyond compare ‘.

The empire was at the height of his power, Napoleon III appeared as “Europe’s ruler ‘, and from all over the world were high dignitaries to pay homage and take part in the riotous and shiny” orgy ” publicly organizers could count a success that surpassed all previous results.


Swedish log cabin at the expo 1867 source: Ny Illustrerad Tidning

Books about this expo
L´exposition universelle de 1867 illustrée. 1-2. Publication internationale autorisée par la Commission Impériale. Rédacteur en chef: M. Fr. Ducuing. Paris, 1867. Two volumes, 480; 480 p. Illustrated. 36,5 X

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  1. I am reading Ross King’s “The Judgment of Paris”. I discusses the painters of the time and their affairs in and around the Expo. A good reference.

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