1862 London

1862 London Britain International Exhibition 1862

International Exhibition –  the second London International Exposition.

Open date: May 1, 1862
Close date: Nov 15, 1862
Size: 23,5 Acres
Attendance: 6 211 000 total  29,000 exhibitors from 37 countries
Profit: broke even
South Kensington, London

At the World Exhibition in London 600 Swedish companies were represented . The Gothenburg Museum in Sweden acquired a number of commodities and products. There are a number of letters to Buchner about arsenic manufacturing, paint manufacturing, patents, pharmaceuticals, etc. Read archive here

Nobody liked the look of the building, and they also complained about its size.

There is a fascinating 3D Book from this fair:
TONGUE, MICHAEL: 3D EXPO 1862 : a magic journey to victorian England

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