1853 New York

Exhibition of the Industry of All Nations
1853 – New York, USA

July 14 1853 to November 1, 1854
Size 4 acres
4,000 exhibitors
Total attendance 1 150 000
The expo was a financial failure with a loss of $ 300 000

It was the first world’s fair ever held in the US inspired by the 1851 Great Exhibition in Great Britain. The site originally chosen was Madison Square – but after opposition they moved the Expo to the Reservoir Square.

Railroad and steamboat meeting. A meeting of delegates of the various railroad and steamboat companies, was held on Thursday last, at the Astor House, due to the the increased facilities that will be required by the public, on the occasion of holding a World’s Fair of the Industry of All Nations, at New-York, in 1852.

New York Exhibition of the Industry of All Nations (1853-1854)
Official catalogue of the New York exhibition of the industry of all nations.
New York, G.P. Putnam & co., 1853


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