1798 when did the history of exhibitions starts?

The first expo

According to historical records the first World Exposition was in London. The Society for the Promotion of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce invited several companies in 1756 and 1757 into a prize draw in London. The first real handicraft exhibition on German soil took place in Prague in 1791 during Leopold II’s coronation as King of Bohemia

The first modern expo

The first exhibition as we know in the modern sense, was held in 1798 (Year VII, under the French Republican calendar) in  Maison d’Orsaia No. 667 Rue de Varenne in Paris. The expo was so successful that the Minister Neufchateau arranged a new exhibition, the three last days of the year.

This the first official “expostiotione” with a number of 110 exhibitors took place in an appropriate building on the Mars field. It was not the only state industries represented, but also Paris manufacturers.

Thus it was found Sèvres alongside Angouleme and Leroy exhibited their watches. Boule and Gonthière their furniture. Napoleon celebrated his Italian victories in the form of marches and processions.

Viewed as first proper international exhibition, as it included an instructional rationale. Lasted three days, from 17th to
21st September, and had 110 exhibitors. Exhibits were not for sale. Jury appointed for awarding prizes of public
recognition. Buildings were a square arcade, sixty arches, surrounding a central ‘Temple of Industry.’ Objects included
clocks, glassware, textiles, chemical products, leatherware, furniture, weapons, scientific and surgical instruments,

Illustrerad tidning 1889, x-årgången

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