2015 Milano


2015 – Milano, Italy – Expo 2015
Theme: Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life
Official website: http://en.expo2015.org/

The next World’s Fair will be held in Milan, Italy in 2015.
The exposition will have Art Expo, Sport Expo, Theatre Expo, Creativity Expo and Cinema Expo.

Milan competed for honors in the city of Izmir in Turkey. Milan got 86 votes and Izmir 65 votes at the General Assembly designated the host city. Altogether 150 countries were represented at the General Assembly (B.I.E. Bureau International des Expositions).

The theme of World Fair in Milan is Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life and the city had Al Gore acted ambassador for the city’s campaign. According to Gore Milan is among one of the greenest cities in Europe and worldwide.

The Expo is going on in a half years would host city publicity and attract tourists. The World Expo is an equally lucrative event for the host city as the Olympics and World Cup.

A new type of urban thinking

Currently they plan for new buildings and neighborhoods, a bit outside the inner city.

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