1992 Sevilla Exposición Universal

Exposición Universal de Sevilla 1992, La Cartuja, Spain
1992 Sevilla Spain
Theme: Age of Discovery

Seville, capital of Andalusia, was once the world’s fourth largest city. On the island,Isla de la Cartuja, was the World Expo 1992nd. The island lies in the Guadalquivir river. There is now a theme park and amusement park, Isla Mágica.

The World expo ran from April to 12 October, the anniversary of Columbo’s discovery of the New World.
The cathedral is one of the world’s largest and here you also find Columbus’s tomb. Sevilla had a monopoly on trade with the New World and this was the place the wealth was transported during the Spanish discovery of the New World. The archives in Seville (La Lonja, Archivo de las Indias) have more than 4 million documents from the conquest of America.


Photo gallery Sevilla World Expo 1992

Seville Expo ´92, Sevilla / ES, 1992 Seville Expo ´92, Sevilla / ES, 1992 Seville Expo ´92, Sevilla / ES, 1992 Alamillo Bridge, Seville / ES, 1992 Kuwait Pavillion, Seville Expo ´92, Sevilla / ESP, 1992

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