World expo 1967 Montreal Habitat

US Pavillion 1967Expo ’67, Habitat 67
1967 Montreal, Canada
Theme: Man and His World
Start date April 28
End date October 6
Total visitors 54 996 (paid 50 306)
Loss C$ 274 million

The World Fair of Montreal received more than 50 million visitors in six months
of whom 80 percent were Canadians.


Habitat 67

Habitat 67 is unique, it looks like someone played with giant building blocks. The architect Moshe Safdie created the housing complex with 354 identical modules that form a 12 storey high building with 146 apartments.

Kinoautomat, the first interactive movie

The film has eight interactive element in which a moderator / actor gives the audience suggestions for the film’s continuing story and ask the audience to vote by pressing a button in the cinema chair. The magazine New Yorker wrote: “The Kinoautomat in the Czechoslovak Pavilion is a guaranteed hit of the World Exposition, and the Czechs should build a monument to the man who conceived the idea, Radúz Činčera.”

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  1. The theme of the 1967 Exposition was “Man and His World”, not “Monument to Man”.

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