1922 Rio de Janeiro world expo – Brazilian Centennial Exposition

Exposiçao International do Centenario do Brazil
1922 – 1923 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Open date: 7 th of September 1922
3 626 000 visitors
Size: 62 Acres and it was divided in one foreign and one national section.

The expo was a celebration of the independence. 100 years earlier – on September 7th 1822 the prince soon to be Dom Pedro I proclaimed the independence of Brazil. The Brazilian congress decided in 1921 to honor this occasion.

National section

  • Palace of industries (now National Historic Museum)
  • Crystal restaurant
  • Agriculture and transportation palace
  • Pavilion of hunting and fishing (now Captainships of ports)
  • The palace of minor industries
  • Pavilion of states
  • Palace of the festival was one of the more luxury buildings with paintings by Rodolfo and Chambelland Carlos. 

Foreign sectors

  • French pavilion was a replica of Petit Trianon of Versailles
  • Argentine pavilion

More info
National archives, record group 43

There are several photos by Cesar Augusto Malta Campos  from the Expo.
You find more info and photos in portuguese here.

One thought on “1922 Rio de Janeiro world expo – Brazilian Centennial Exposition

  1. I have some “stamps” – non postal I assume as they have no values printed on them – issued to commemmorate the “Exposicao Nacional do Centenario da Independencia do Brazil 7 Setembro a 15 Novembro 1922 – they’re very beautifully designed in an art nouveau style – there are 4 different and I would like to know more about them. Can anyone help please? Underneath the designs are the words ” Pimenta de Mello .. Rio.

    Also I have one Grande Exposicao de Cafe 1727 – 1927 Palacio das Industrias Sao Paulo – again no value printed on, but looks like a stamp at first sight.

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