1891 Kingston Jamaica International Exposition

1891 Kingston Jamaica International Exposition
30th of March 1891 they had fire balloon races!

The organizers wanted to show the natural resources and products from Jamaica.

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  1. For public info: My grandfather Jamaican Police Inspector Herbert Theodore Thomas 1856 to 1930. He attended the Jamaica Exhibition in Kingston in 1891, and his photograph taken with other police Inspector’s of that time. However H.T.Thomas was the only born Jamaican who had an exhibit , and wrote his book “Something about Obeah” 1891. He did what he could as a Policeman, to help stamp out this hideous and ignorant practice brought from Africa to Jamaica B.W.I. All his information can be read on; Google, “Jamaican Genealogy” then scroll down to Links to Jamaican Genealogy. This great Jamaican man’s history has been erased in
    his country, except for my autobiography “A Struggle to Walk with Dignity”2008. Thanks ,Gerald.

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