1866 Stockholm Expo

Art and industrial art exhibition (Konst och industriutställningen)
June 15, the first major Scandinavian international handicraft exhibition for Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. The first Swedish industry expo was held 1823 in Stockholm (arvsfurstens palats).

The expo organizers announced that there was no nitroglycerine in the exhibition because it was such a reputation that worried the visitors.

Eurenius & Qvist, which was one of the first photography business in Sweden took 52 pictures in the exhibition.
Look other photos from Eurenius.

The main hall was Kungsträdgården. In the main entrance they used calculators to keep track of payed visitors.

Mr. Grundbergs’s shower apparatus were presented. The shower was equipped with a handy suction and pressure pump. From the exhibition 1866 the Swedes still have the National Museum.


Source: Illustrerad Tidning 1866

They had a glass-roofed hall that filled the entire lower kungsträdgården. Johan Peter Molin’s fountain in Kungsträdgården was standing in the showroom for the Stockholmsexpo. The fountain was first in plaster but became very popular. The Swedes had a nationwide collection, so that the fountain could be cast in bronze and it was finally unveiled in 1873. Molin also created the famous Charles XII Statue nearby and it was erected two years after the exhibition.

During the exhibition was also a male blue whale that came from the Zoological Department of the Gothenburg Museum. A handbook on the whale was written by AW Malm and sold at the exhibition. Once they had found the whale they thought that it was a new whale variety. The curator at the museum Malm named it after his wife of Balaenoptera carolinae before they knew it was a young blue whale.

Source: Stockholm genom sju sekler p. 291

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