1939 New York Fair – Futurama

New York World’s Fair

The World of Tomorrow
Futurama Trylon Perisphere

1939-1940 New York, USA

Open date April 30, 1939
Close date October 31, 1939
25 817 000 visitors


Open date May 11, 1940
Close date October 27, 1940
9 116 000 visitors

Loss:  $ 18,7 million
Theme: Building the World of tomorrow


This expo featured the first major display of television, as well as the television camera and tape recorder. The 1939 fair also gave us the New York subway line. The 1939–40 Ny Worldis Fair diverged from your unique concentration of the world’s fair expositions. There after, world fairs used certain ethnic themes.

The Swedish pavilion

It this world fair the wood horses from the province of Dalarna in Sweden (dalahorse ) became world-famous. The international breakthrough came when a nearly three-meter high wooden horse and after this event “Dalahästen” would become a Swedish national symbol and the interior by Josef Frank and Estrid Ericson received much attention by the American press as Swedish Modern. The food concept of smorgasbord was also presented in the Swedish Pavilion. The winning interior evoking northern lights in the Finnish pavilion by architect Alvar Aalto.

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