1873 Vienna – The Rotunda of the Vienna International Exhibition

Weltausstellung 1873 – Austrian-Hungarian capital of Vienna, Rotundan

This exhibition showed the first machinery industry. The motto for the expo was Kultur und Erziehung (Culture and Education). The expo showed rotundan (a large circular building) and it is called the 5th world expo. It was the first expo in a German-speaking country.

Open date: May 1, 1873
Close date;November  1, 1873
Size acres: A total area of 450 acres, with 60 acres under cover.
Attendance paid: 5 058  300
Attendance total: 7 254 600
Exhibitors: There were almost 26000 exhibitors (I have also read about 42 000 exhibitors)
Loss: 15 million gldn.