1897 Stockholm Art and industry fair

World exhibition Stockholm 1897 (Stockholmsutställningen)

Art and industry fair (Swedish: Allmäna konst-och industriutställningen)
May 13th to 3rd of October
Number of visitors nearly 1.5 million.

It was most notably Sweden, Denmark and Norway  (still in union with Sweden) and Russia with Finland that were equally represented at the Stockholm exhibition.

The construction of the fair started in July 1895. Stockholm exhibition opened On May 13, 1897. The very same day King Oscar II added the foundation stone of the new parliament building. Opening Day tickets cost 10 Swedish crown but it was too high so the ticket price was later reduced to between 1.50 -2 Swedish Crowns.

Advances in technology

The Swedish explorer Sven Hedin was honored and at the expo it was a showcase from the telephone company – not surprisingly since Stockholm in the mid 1890s was the city with most telephones per capita. They had several popular presentations of science and technology for example X-rays, which first appeared in Sweden.

Photo: view from Djurgården during World Expo 1897. Nordic museum, restaurant Godthem and biological museum are some of the buildings that still exist in Djurgården.


Exhibition area

The dominant construction was architect Ferdinand Boberg and Frederick Liljekvists large industrial buildings, which according to the organizers, was the largest wooden buildings ever constructed. The exhibition area was next to Skansen Skansen today still an open air Zoo dedicated to recreating the country life of Sweden included in addition to hundreds of temporary halls, pavilions and kiosks, also Biological Museum and it has not yet completed the Nordic Museum.




Tourist and sport and chemical-technical expositions




Source: the Nordic Museum Archives

One of the main attractions was the moving image. Lumiere´s cinematograph was one of the wonders that were presented at the exhibition and there is at least one movie from the expo.

Cigar pavilion

Contemporary comic strip from Stockholm exhibition showing the Cigar pavilion.

Old Stockholm expo

They also had one exhibit showing the old Stockholm from the sixteenth-century built in medieval style by architect Fredrik Liljekvist at the beach of Djurgårdsbrunnsviken. It showed Stockholm from the 1600 century.


View with: The Swedish and Danish Fish Expo, old stockholm and the candle stick from the candle company Liljeholmens ljus.





Stockholm pavilion, the main restaurant and the fairy cave



Forest expo



Crown Prince’s Palace in Uppsala …
There were also many entrepreneurs who made money and fortunes on the World’s Fair in Stockholm. One of them was Restauranteur Nils Petter Svanfeldt as he later built the Svanfeldtska house  – also called for the Crown Prince’s Palace in Uppsala. One rumour told that the copper roof were made of copper which Svanfeldt earned by raising the price of coffee by 1 öre (very small amount) per cup at the world exhibition in Stockholm 1897.
Source: Uppsala Nya Tidning (unt.se)


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