1923 Gothenburg expo

1923 Gothenburg Sweden

The city of Gothenburg celebrated its 300th anniversary 1923 and the cultural center was constructed for the commemorative exhibition (jubileumsutställningen) this year. The artist Carl Milles did a provisional model in plaster for full size erected on the Götaplatsen and now the city still have the charactaristic statue of Poseidon in the middle of Götaplatsen in central Gothenburg.

Liseberg – The history of the biggest amusement park in Sweden

The amusement park Liseberg opened up the world’s largest cable car and spun to the Charleston music. Albert Einstein lectured on his theory of relativity in the Congress Hall at Liseberg. He received the Nobel prize 1923.
The commemorative exhibition in Gothenburg in 1923 created much of what is Gothenburg today:
>Götaplatsen, Gothenburg Art Museum, Botanical Garden and the Swedish Exhibition Centre. The amusement park Liseberg and Poseidon statue is also still there.