1922 Rio de Janeiro world expo – Brazilian Centennial Exposition

Exposiçao International do Centenario do Brazil
1922 – 1923 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Open date: 7 th of September 1922
3 626 000 visitors
Size: 62 Acres and it was divided in one foreign and one national section.

The expo was a celebration of the independence. 100 years earlier – on September 7th 1822 the prince soon to be Dom Pedro I proclaimed the independence of Brazil. The Brazilian congress decided in 1921 to honor this occasion.

National section

  • Palace of industries (now National Historic Museum)
  • Crystal restaurant
  • Agriculture and transportation palace
  • Pavilion of hunting and fishing (now Captainships of ports)
  • The palace of minor industries
  • Pavilion of states
  • Palace of the festival was one of the more luxury buildings with paintings by Rodolfo and Chambelland Carlos. 

Foreign sectors

  • French pavilion was a replica of Petit Trianon of Versailles
  • Argentine pavilion

More info
National archives, record group 43

There are several photos by Cesar Augusto Malta Campos  from the Expo.
You find more info and photos in portuguese here.