1904 St. Louis World’s fair – Louisiana Purchase International Exposition

1904 St. Louis also called the Louisiana Purchase Exposition.

Commemorated the centennial of the 1803 land purchase.

Open date April 30
Close date December 1
Site Acres 1271
Attendance paid 12 804 000 people
Attendance total 19 695 people
Profit $ 1.02 million


Foods like hamburger

A number of foods are claimed to have been invented at the fair among them the hamburger and the first ice-cream cone. At the World’s Fair in St.Louis appointed a regional whiskey brand to the world’s best whiskey. After Label grows the brand to become one of the world’s best-known whiskey brands. The name was “Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey Quality”.

The fair also hosted the Summer Olympics 1904. most the original buildings still exist today.