1855 The Great World Exhibition France

First international French Exhibition – Exposition Universelle
Carré de Marigny at Champs-Elysées in Paris France
Open date: May 15:th 1855
Close date: November 15:th 1855
Size: A total area of 34 acres, with 24 acres under cover
Paid attendance: 5 162 000
24,000 exhibitors
Cost to organisers 11,500,000 FR  (£450,000), and takes 3,200,000 FR (£125,000). Loss borne by state.
Loss: 8.3 million FR
Main building: Palais de l’Industrie.

World Exhibition in Paris would be a symbol of French prosperity. During a 12-year period, trade was growing by 300%. The exhibition was however not a major success since it was too close after the London exhibition. Few technological innovations and low attendance.

One of the first photographers Carol Popp Szathmary (1812-1887) had great success at the World Exhibition this year with his photo album with pictures from the Crimean War. A copy of the album was offered the French emperor Napoleon III and was much appreciated. The images from the ongoing war was highly relevant and Szathmary send album copies to all political leaders from the countries participating in the war.

Source: Romanian Culture Institute in Stockholm.



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