World Exhibitions, World Expos and World Fairs – Scale, Scope and Beauty


A World Exhibition (world expo) is an international exhibition of industrial products, handicrafts often with a focus on social and technological development. World Exhibitions are meeting places, where companies have the opportunity to network and make contacts in the country.

World Expo News

Last World Expo: 2012 Yeosu South Korea

12: of May Theme ”Living Ocean and Coast”

  • 104 countries participates
  • Estimated number of visitors 10 million

Future World Expos

Short presentation of future Expos and bids.

World Exhibitions are important

Many technological innovations and technological breakthroughs had their début at world exhibitions such as telephone, and water flushed toilet, telegraph, hamburger, first motion picture, etc. There are many buildings and architectural masterpiece that remains after past world exhibitions and fairs. For example Eiffel Tower in 1887 was the grand entrance to the World’s Fair Exposition Universelle, held two years later.

History about World Expos

The world exhibitions have evolved from the early fairs and markets. The phenomenon of international exhibitions started in the late 1800s. At that time it was popular with the arrangements in European and American cities, like Paris, New York, London, Vienna and Philadelphia. Over the years there have been several world exhibitions or world expos.


Facts and landmarks in the history of world expos:

World Expos have been aranged in all continents except Africa. The great world exhibitions are every five years. Some of the most successful international World Expos ever:

Who own the concept of World Expos?

Bureau of International Expositions (BIE) is an international organization that owns the rights to the concept of the World Expos in the same way as the International Olympic Committee takes the concept of the Olympic games. International Exhibitions Bureau was established by a diplomatic international Convention, signed in Paris, in 1928. Today BIE has 156 member states. Official website from BIE